Coming January 2019

Hot Honey

The Spicy Shark Hot Honey is a special blend of Clover, Goldenrod, and Alfalfa 100% pure USA Honey. We steep the honey with a little Cinnamon and infuse it with Habanero to add some heat to the sweet. 

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Grade A honey, habanero pepper, natural cinnamon flavor.


Medium Heat


Warm desserts, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, pizza, ribs, pork, fried chicken, scallops, cheese, marinades, tea & hot beverages, and anything you like honey on.

How To Use Hot Honey

Hot honey has been wowing people like you and me for the last several years.  Why?  Because it unleashes the flavor of so many different foods!  If you're wondering how to use hot honey, the possibilities are endless. One taste is all you need to get hooked, whether you're using it on a hot, baked dessert, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything really.  Try it on eggs, yogurt, fried chicken , ice cream, pizza, cheese,  bread, ribs, chicken and your preferred meat, plus so much more. Drinks! Cocktails, coffees, tea. You are only limited by your own imagination.